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Volcano Digit

419 €

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Volcano Digit - The Best Stationary Vaporizer
Volcano Digit - The Best Stationary Vaporizer Volcano Digit - Included Volcano Digit Volcano Digit Volcano Digit

419 €

495 € Economisez 76 €

419 €

495 € Economisez 76 €

Nous vous garantissons les versions les plus récentes/nouvelles de vaporisateurs. Nous avons reçu cet inventaire du Volcano Digit le 06 May. 2019.

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Le Vaporisateur Digital Volcano Digit est le meilleur vaporisateur que l'on puisse acheter depuis près de dix ans. Avec un contrôle précis de la température et un système de ballon que tout le monde peut utiliser, il a placé la barre haute pour tous les autres vaporisateurs électriques. Utilisant un système de pompe à air pour chauffer votre mélange aromatique, le Volcano Digit est capable de libérer les arômes en vapeur sans jamais brûler, la rendant ainsi exempte de toxine et jusqu'à 4 fois plus efficace que la combustion (fumée).

Les caractéristiques principales du Vaporisateur Volcano Digit comparées au Volcano Classic sont l'écran digital LED, le contrôle précis de la température et l'option d'arrêt automatique. En choisissant le Volcano Digit vous vous garantissez une expérience de vaporisation de qualité à chaque session.

Caractéristiques :

  • Large écran digital LED
  • Système de contrôle de la température avancé
  • Bloc de chauffage en aluminium alimentaire
  • Cartouche chauffante haute performace
  • Pompe à membrane robuste
  • Technologie allemande performante
  • Température entre 130° et 230°C
  • Design électromécanique
  • Fonction arrêt automatique
  • 3 ans de garantie
  • Inclut le set Valve Facile

Accessoires (Inclus):

  • Chambre de vaporisation pour mélanges aromatiques
  • Set de ballon (Valve Facile)
  • Set de 6 grilles ordinaires
  • Set de filtre à air
  • Pastille coussinet à liquides
  • Brosse de nettoyage
  • Moulin
  • Manuel d'instructions


La fonction clé qui distingue les vaporisateurs Volcano Classic et Digit est la pompe à air qui souffle la vapeur qui se trouve dans le ballon. Une fois le ballon rempli, il peut être détaché complètement et séparé du vaporisateur pour que la vapeur puisse être consommée facilement et en toute sécurité.


Le Volcano Digit est composé d'une base lisse en métal brossé et inclut des composants en matériaux alimentaires. La cartouche chauffante à haute performance et la puissante pompe à membrane résisteront à tout. Un fusible thermique indépendant, un filtre à air et un silencieux sont intégrés au bloc chauffant en aluminium spécialement conçu pour le Vaporisateur Volcano Digit, qui fournit un air pur et sûr jusqu'à la température désirée.



Le Volcano Digit a un grand écran numérique LED, complètement personnalisé qui vous informe en temps réel et précisément de l'état du processus chauffe, de la température actuelle et souhaitée. La température dans le Volcano Digit varie entre 130 et 230 °C. Il offre un contrôle précis de la température et un système de purification de l'air, ce qui en fait le choix numéro 1 des amateurs de vapeur.


Le contrôle numérique précis de la température de l'air et sa régularité, inaccessible aux vaporisateurs concurrents, font du système du Vaporisateur Digital Volcano Digit une référence parmi les professionnels ; le vaporisateur le plus avancé technologiquement actuellement disponible sur le marché.



Le Volcano Digital est livré avec une garantie constructeur de 3 ans, limitée à un usage normal.

Informations complémentaires

Peut vaporiser Mélanges, Huiles, Cires
Constructeur Storz & Bickel
Dimensions (Longueur x Largeur x Hauteur) 20,3 x 20,3 x 17,8 cm
Poids du Vaporisateur 1.200 g
Style Digit Argent
Source d'Alimentation Secteur
Élément de Chauffage Bloc chauffage en alliage d'aluminium
Méthode de Distribution de la Vapeur Air pulsé - Ballon de Remplissage
Pays de Fabrication Allemagne
Garantie 3 ans

Avis de Volcano Digit

Moyenne :

4.9 Basé sur 34 évaluations
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  • 1 Star

Blows the other vapes out of the water

420 Central
I’ve had the Volcano Digit for a year or so and even after that long, I still have no regrets in buying this amazing device. I can honestly say that after several years and having tried other portable and desktop vapes, the volcano digit still outshines many others in terms of performance and quality vapor. This is such a unique and reliable device that it is also quite fun to use and set-up. I also think if you are worried about your health or the adverse effects of vaping, then the volcano digit is an answer to your problem. The device offers smooth vapor that is of unmatched quality. The best! The best! I am sure after 3 years, I would still be saying the same.

Well worth the investment

I got my Volcano a week ago and it is great. The taste from the bag far surpasses anything I’ve gotten from various portables including the Firefly, Crafty, and Pax. There is literally no comparison, even the 4th bag beats the first vape from a portable. I notice it dosen’t take much herb to deliver 3 to 4 sessions, this using a turkey bag which is I believe about 1 1/2 times larger than the stock bag. I put in a medium sized pinch which would pretty much fill a Crafty but just covers the screen in the Volc. Starting on 180, then 190, 200 and finally 210 seems to do the trick quite well.

I'm hooked

I already have the original version but this Digital version is so much better!!! I can control the temperature with a touch of a button. I can customize it to my liking and that's really great! When they said it has precision control, they weren't kidding! And I think that's the best part for me. The vapor is clean and delicious! Produced very fast too! I love it! It's worth all your money! Very easy to use. All you have to do is to inhale and exhale. Highly recommended!

It's a masterpiece

Sitting Bull
I’m excited to say that it’s finally time for me to upgrade my Da Bhudda tabletop to a Volcano! It’s been a long while saving for this in between necessities and good times, but I finally made it. Very nice. Not as romantic as passing a rolled one but passing the bag will do. Excellent on taste and convenience. The precise temperature control is one of my favourite features of this volcano upgrade. I get to control the temperature with a push of a button. Highly recommended!

No regrets!

Stopped smoking and managed to vape and stumbled upon this product and I love it!!! Took me a while to actually purchase it because I did my research first. But boy did I not regret buying this! It is very convenient to use as the mouthpiece doubles as the valve. All I have to do is to press it against my mouth and it opens automatically. The vapor it produces is very good and delicious. Plus I get to control my temperature setting to precisely as how I want it to be. Two thumbs up for this device.

Highly recommended product!!!

I loveeee this product! I love everything. The price, the clouds, the flavor, and how easy it is to use. Not to mention the digital temperature system where in I can control the temp so easy by pushing a button. I really enjoyed that! The only downside I found is that it takes a while for it to heat up. I think that if they improve on that, this product would be a solid 5 out of 5 stars. For now, I’ll be giving it a solid 4.

It's truly the best

I have previously owned different units and I would say the density and the taste are better with the Volcano. The Volcano has a huge surface area that is heated and that helps evenly heat the herbs while maximizing efficiency. The Volcano is definitely the perfect vaporizer for someone looking to compete with huge rips from bongs, steamrollers, etc… The Volcano completely wrecks me when I want it too and can be the best tasting if I want that as well. Worth every cent, in my opinion! 5 stars!

I loved my purchase!

The precise temperature control of volcano digital was really a plus. I get to choose the controls with a push of a button. Cloud is full and very delicious. Although the downside to this device is that it takes a while to heat up. For the price I’m paying, I was expecting it to heat up a bit faster. Other than that, this bag vaporizer is very easy to use. All I have to do is to enjoy my delicious vape. Highly recommended.


Yes, it is a little bit pricey but it is worth all your money. I promise!! I was hesistant at first but I’m glad I purchased it. It is so easy to use and the vape it produces is so solid and tasty! I liked how the mouthpiece is the valve so I just have to press it with my mouth and it automatically opens! Told ya it’s worth your money. All I have to do is sit back relax and enjoy. I highly recommend this to first time users!

Saves my health

I have used my Volcanoes (yes, I have two-one in living room, other in bedroom) every day for a while now. They are always on, ready to go and the best thing since the bread man got a slicing machine. My husband has one bag every night before bed for his Restless Leg Syndrome, and I burn bags all day every day for chronic pain, arthritis and appetite issues. I heartily recommend the Volcano-I take it in the car, set it on the floor at my feet and plug it into an inverter. Car doesn’t smell like burnt herbs and I am comfortable for much longer. It’s the best vaporizer I’ve ever used and anyone who comes by and tries it agrees with me.

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