Tinymight - Titanium Dosing Capsules (5-pack)

39 €
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Simplify your vaping routine with the Tinymight Titanium Dosing Capsules. These small metal containers feature a removable lid and a perforated base, allowing you to pre-portion your ground herbs in the comfort of your home.

The capsules are made from high-quality titanium, providing exceptional durability and heat resistance, ensuring that your herbs are heated evenly for optimal flavour and vapour production.

Dosing capsules help keep your vaporizer cleaner, reduce the need for frequent maintenance, and allow you to standardize your doses. The included carrying tube makes it convenient to store pre-filled capsules, so you can enjoy your herbs wherever you are.


  • Holder for dosing capsules (1)
  • Titanium dosing capsules (5)

Intended for use with: Tinymight 2.